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SSM Valmissuora is a complete service package, which is ideal for urgent campaigns and for customers wishing to focus on their core business, whilst leaving us to work on their specific campaign. We will take care of planning layout, design and distribution districts alongside logistics, printing, approvals, transport to distribution centres and finally the follow-up analysis.

Our direct mail services includes distribution of your mailing products both nationally and locally. Your product can be anything from ads, catalogues or papers to notifications. We do geo-marketing and are able to target your campaign to a certain local area. Because direct mail can be distributed in this way, it makes it an attractive marketing option for companies of all sizes with differing communication needs.

In order for your campaign to be a success, you must plan the distribution area carefully. Normally our clients want us to participate in the planning stages. Due to years of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. Trust us – this is what we do. We can also use various tools for studying and planning the district you should be targeting. We have also developed easy to use tools for you to test. By specifically targeting your campaign, you will reach your chosen market, which makes your efforts far more effective and cost-efficient.

You can test your direct mail campaign in advance. The testing is done online and gives you an insight into how consumers react to your advert. With a follow-up program, we are able to analyse how effective your ad has been and how well it has performed alongside your competitors adverts. It is possible to add a competition or quiz to your campaign. This is a way to collect contact details either online or from returned forms. The number of replies will tell you how effective the campaign has been in a certain area. Pre-testing and follow-up programs produce information and data you can use for your next campaign.

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