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Direct mail as a media

It works!

According to latest research, consumers react more positively to direct mail, than to other media channels. More than 80% read the direct mail they receive and more than half of them take action as they make daily purchases. People remember direct mail better and for longer than traditional paper ads. Therefore, unaddressed direct mail is an effective media channel that has managed to maintain and increase its significance, in an increasingly digital world. Direct mail help consumers gain information about offers in shops and online.

Print is seldom wasted

Targeting makes it possible to reach a certain target group or all households in a district. The smallest distribution area is a district and a district is a couple of blocks. When combining your ad with a competition, which requires a coupon to be returned, you are able to collect names and addresses, whilst gaining a better understanding of how your campaign is affecting people. You can target the distribution to specific households, for example houses or flats. We would be delighted to help you plan a successful campaign and we’re happy to help you plan the distribution area. Just get in touch and let’s see what we can do for you.

Highly recognised

About 85% of all households accept unaddressed direct mail. This means that a large number of people will receive and read your advert.

Paper is a diverse material

When you print your advert, you have multiple choices of formats to select. Your product can be a tiny flyer or a thick catalogue; it can really be any size and format you want. Your imagination is the only limit. Your campaign can contain coupons, attachments, personalised elements or product samples. In addition, you have a large selection of paper to choose from.

Choose SSM

Distribution on Wednesdays

Door-drops on Wednesdays activate consumers towards the end of the week. Direct mail gets consumers looking for products or services on the move. Normally sales peaks follow a clear pattern that correlates with the distribution dates. Local papers and campaigns with special offers reach approximately 4 million readers every week. In fact, people actually expect to get direct mail from us.

Select an area according to district or postcode

We recommend you direct your unaddressed direct mail to an area where your potential customers live. Because we’ve divided the entire country into smaller districts, the selection of a target area is however made easy for you.

Simple and reliable service

Happy customers are extremely important to us. We offer our clients a personal service both locally and nationally. Our services are fast and flexible.

From idea to mailbox

Valmissuora is a service package containing everything you need. We handle targeting, planning, design, print, distribution and follow-up analysis. This does not mean we have to do everything, we’re happy for you to take care of as many or as few duties as you wish. We are here to help you according to your specific needs and wishes. Just give us a call and let’s get planning your campaign.


Distribution work

The SSM-chain employs 13,000 distribution workers annually. Our workers play the most important role in our company.

When you work for the distribution companies that are part of the SSM-chain, your job is to distribute papers, advertisements and official notifications to households.

Our online introduction course helps you understand the nature of your new job and gives us an opportunity to tell you how important your work is to our company. The introduction course will give you valuable information and practical tips about the job. If you wish to work for us as a distributor of our papers and ads, you will be required to attend and complete the course.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about our distribution work, or if you want to send us a job application. You can reach us here:
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